Warn Locking Hubs

For more than 60 years, WARN has been offering manual hub conversions. WARN hubs provide increased durability and fuel economy, and are easy to install. What else would you expect from the company that invented the locking hub?

WARN Locking Hubs

Arthur Warn developed the WARN locking hub so surplus WWII Jeeps could be driven on pavement without the adverse affects of being in full time 4 wheel drive. The WARN hubs allowed the Jeeps front wheels to be disconnected from the drive train effectively allowing you to disable & enable the 4 wheel drive only when needed. The new locking hub design would increase fuel economy, be durable, easy to install and easily replaceable. More than 60 years later, this still applies to WARN locking Hubs.

WARN Premium Locking Hubs

Automatic locking hubs are convenient for the push button design but don't allow for a complete disconnect from the four-wheel-drive system. Even in two-wheel drive, Axles, differentials, and drive shafts will still turn which results in extra wear and tear on a vehicles drivetrain and eventually decreases fuel economy. Automatic hubs also require a bit of wheel turn and slip on the tires and drive train to engage the lock. This is a huge disadvantage and downside for anyone who frequently off-roads and finds themselves on tight trails or in a 4WD situation they didnt anticipate. If you just so happen to get stuck in two wheel drive and then shift into 4 wheel drive. Automatic hubs need to turn some fraction of a rotation to lock in. If you are stuck to the point of not being able to move, the front end won't lock up and well, youre stuck!

A huge benefit of WARN locking hubs is the outstanding durability. The WARN Standard Hub is built to OEM standards, and are a good choice if you're replacing a set of OEM locking hubs. The WARN Standard Hubs use many of the same components as the WARN Premium Hubs. The difference is WARN Premium Hubs are even more durable and built to withstand a higher level of abuse with the ultra-strong all-metal construction, a ZA alloy dial, and a thick internal wave spring and heavy duty dial detents. Regardless of which WARN hub you need, WARN sticks behind their locking hubs with a limited lifetime warranty.

Whether upgrading existing hubs, replacing hubs, or switching from automatic to manual, WARN 4WD Hubs offer a variety of benefits both on and off road. Call us at Clemson 4 Wheel Center 1-800-257-4294 with any questions regarding your hubs.