Bestop Jeep Top Buyers Guide

Bestop Jeep Top Buyers Guide

Bestops brand new flagship Soft Top - The Supertop NX - Basically the Bestop Supertop NX is just like the top you would get from the factory with the door surrounds, complete Soft Top and hardware. Bestop has added some all new unique features of their own. In addition to all the factory hardware, Bestop added a top arch that spans over the head of the driver which keeps the NX on your Jeep with a extremely tight fit. Because it uses the factory Jeep wind shield channel you can just flip the top back and get a nice open-air sunroof. The Bestop Supertop NX also features a new bracket that that allows you to easily keep the top on nice and tight. The Bestop SuperTop NX features the best sound proofing, the best weather protection and the heaviest fabric of any Jeep Soft Top that you can buy on the market today.

    Bestop Supertop NX Features:

  • Complete top with OEM style hardware
  • High grade premium fabric
  • High Strength steel and OEM composite plastic hardware
  • Fold back sunroof feature - standard
  • Multiple door kits available
  • Available for TJD applications
  • Two Year Bestop Warranty

The Bestop Trektop NX is a all new complete Jeep Soft Top that includes the windows, fabric and all the hardware you need for an easy installation. Bestop came out with the Trektop Fastback look years ago but customers wanted more features which Bestop delivered in the new Trektop NX. The great thing about the Bestop Trektop NX is it comes with the fastback "raceback" Trektop look but when you unzip the windows it transforms into a Bestop Safari Bikini. The Bestop Trektop NX uses the factory Jeep windshield channel, The factory door surrounds and has a extremely heavy and durable Bestop fabric. The Bestop Trektop NX has a easy open sunroof feature that gives you a open-air drive in just a matter of seconds. It also has a top arch support that keeps your Trektop NX nice and tight on your Jeep as well as preventing any puddling from rain.

    Trektop NX Features

  • With side and rear windows removed, the Trektop NX functions as a Safari Bikini® Top.
  • Includes everything necessary for installation; fabric, tinted side and rear windows, factory-style door surrounds, tailgate bar.
  • Our best multi-layer premium fabric maintains its shape in all temperatures, is mildew-resistant, contains UV inhibitors.
  • Tailgate bar allows you to open tailgate without opening the rear window for trouble free access.
  • Top Arch bar spans above the seating area to keep top tight, reduce flapping, and minimize puddling.
  • Bestop's exclusive new polymer Door Surrounds, similar to the OE style door surrounds found on TJ’s and JK’s.
  • Choose the optional door style you want; use your existing full steel doors, or use any Bestop door kit (sold separately) including 2-Piece Doors, Upper Fabric Doors, Element Doors or Lower Fabric Half doors.
  • Two Year Bestop warranty.

The Bestop Classic Supertop is also complete Jeep Soft Top Kit. It comes with everything you need for a easy installation. An added bonus is that optional door and window kits are widely available. Bestop Classic Supertops come with a rear tailgate bar which allows access to your rear Jeep cargo area without unzipping the rear window. Premium Bestop Zippers and Fabric allow you to zip out the windows and still have protection from the outside elements. It`s one of Bestops most popular Jeep Soft Tops and is available for a wide range of vehicles.

    Bestop Classic Supertop Features

  • Bestop Supertop kits include hardware, soft top fabric and windows. Some kits include soft doors.
  • Belt-Rail attachment system enables fast, easy installation.
  • Tailgate bar allows tailgate to open without opening rear window for trouble-free access.
  • Two-year limited warranty.

The Bestop Replace-a-Top is a fabric only option for a Jeep Soft Top. If you have Jeep factory hardware but your fabric and windows are completely worn out the Bestop Replace-a-Top is a great affordable choice. The Bestop Replace-a-Top gives you all new fabric and all new windows but because you use your factory Jeep windshield channels, door surrounds and all the other hardware that came with your factory top you are able to save some money. The Bestop Replace-a-Top comes in two options. You can get the standard Bestop Replace-a-Top which uses the Bestop heavy duty fabric or you can get the Sail Cloth Replace-a-Top. The Bestop Sailcloth Replace-a-Top uses a even more reinforced cotton-ply multi-layered fabric which keeps your Jeep cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The thicker Sail-Cloth fabric also decreases outside road noise.

The Bestop Replace-a Top-comes with many options. You can choose between tinted or clear windows and some select Replace-a-Tops also come with upper door skins in many different color variations. Bestop makes the Replace-a-Top for Jeeps starting in 1976 all the way to current Jeeps and is also available for a couple of other vehicle models as well.

    Bestop Replace-a-Top Features

  • Replace-a-top kits include the soft top fabric and door skins (where applicable)
  • Require factory original hardware.
  • For appearance and durability, the premium fabric maintains shape in any temperature.
  • Built to factory original quality specifications to ensure a proper fit.
  • Kits with replacement doors skins attach over factory original door frames.
  • Bestop is the original equipment manufacturer for Wrangler, Tracker/Vitara, Amigo, and other SUV soft tops worldwide.
  • All Bestop soft top parts can be replaced individually, extending the value of your purchase.
  • Two-year Bestop limited warranty.

The unique thing about the Bestop Classic Trektop is the styling. It incorporates a slanted or "Fastback" style rear with a very unique look. The Bestop Classic Trektop is supported by your Jeep Wranglers roll bars so there's hardly any hardware to worry about and using it is extremely easy. It comes with everything needed for a simple installation and a added feature for 4 door Jeep JK Wranglers is that the Bestop Classic Trektop can fold in half leaving the Jeep occupants with a large sunroof. The Bestop Classic Trektop is made for Jeep TJ Wrangler and Jeep TJ Wrangler Unlimited, Jeep CJ and all Jeep JK`s. Also, Bestop Classic Trektops come with tinted windows and the rear window zips completely out so you have quick easy access to your Jeep gear and cargo in the back. If you're looking for a quick minimum top the Bestop Classic Trektop is a really good choice.

    Bestop Classic Trektop Features

  • Winner of the 2008 Design Excellence Award from Chrysler
  • For appearance and durability, the premium fabric maintains shape in any temperature.
  • Fabric is mildew-resistant and contains UV inhibitors .
  • Tinted windows included
  • On JK models, the top rolls back for an open air "sunroof" experience. On four-door models, top rolls back far enough for both front and rear seats!
  • Removable rear curtain
  • Easy installation

The Bestop Classic Tigertop gives you the authentic old school top look that you want. Its made for Jeep models going back all the way to 1941. If you're into keeping your Jeep looking vintage then the classic Bestop Tigertop is the top too consider.

    Bestop Tigertop Features

  • Easily attaches to vehicle with reinforced snaps for a clean, custom look.
  • For appearance and durability, the premium fabric maintains shape in any temperature.
  • Roll-up side and rear windows for classic "safari" style, plus convenient ventilation.
  • Kit comes with soft top and all necessary hardware. Some models include one-piece doors.
  • Most Bestop soft top parts can be replaced individually, extending the value of your purchase.
  • Two-year Bestop limited warranty.

The main feature of the Bestop Sunrider is its extremely easy to use sunroof feature. The Bestop Sunrider is available for Jeep CJ7 & Jeep Wranglers from 1976 - 2006 so its a great affordable option for those Jeeps. The Bestop Sunrider is a complete Jeep Soft Top Kit which means it comes with the all the hardware you need for a quick installation. The Bestop Sunrider is a really great Jeep Top that allows you to open your sunroof in a matter of seconds.

    Bestop Sunrider Top Features

  • The Bestop invented Belt-Rail™ attachment system allows fast, easy installation.
  • Tailgate bar allows tailgate to open without opening rear window for trouble-free access.
  • Fits with a variety of Bestop door kits; sold separately.
  • Sunrider kit includes hardware, soft top and windows.
  • Two-year Bestop limited warranty.

Bestop Bikini soft tops are like a sun shade for your ride! Designed to protect you and your Jeep from direct sunlight while still enjoying open air driving comfort. Bestop Jeep Bikini soft tops are available for Jeep Wranglers & CJ's and are available in distinctive styles and fabrics. The heavy duty premium fabric maintains its shape in any temperature and heavy-duty composite buckles are durable and will last for years.

    Bestop Bikini Top Styles

  • Traditional Bikini: Uses straps to hold the top in place.
  • Strapless Bikini: Attaches directly to sports bars for a very clean look. Typically you will require a compatible "Windshield Channel" that must be attached to the Jeep via drilled holes.
  • Header Bikini: Strapless tops that are available for '97-'07 Jeeps and use a windshield channel that "clamps" into place and does not require any drilling into your sports bar
  • Safari Bikini: Strapless tops that extend to your Jeep's rear providing cover for passengers.

Hardtop Convenience with Soft Top Versatility: Bestops new Trektop Pro is the most innovative soft top ever created for Jeep JK wranglers. The Trektop Pro has combined the convenience of a Jeep Hard Top with the features of a Soft Top! A true hybrid soft/hard top integrating the easy-lift rear glass hatch of a hard top with the advantages of an ultra premium twill soft top that has no zippers The one handed rear hatch window operation of the trektop pro is the hallmark of the Trektop Pro. The rear glass also features a defroster for increased function and visibility in cold weather driving conditions. There's nothing else on the market like it. All the features of a soft top with the convenience and features of a hard top! Backed by Bestops Limited Life Time Warranty.

    Bestop Trektop Top Features

  • Industry-first hard rear glass hatch on a soft top
  • Sliding glass side windows
  • Integrated defroster connectors, rear wiper assembly mounting
  • Premium 30-oz. triple-layer black acrylic twill fabric for durability
  • No tailgate bar
  • No zippers
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Identifying your Jeep

Basic Jeep model identification. If you are familar with your Jeep year and model you can skip this section.


Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK 4 Door (07 - current)

The Jeep JK Unlimited ranges from 2007 to current models. The JK windshield width is 56 inches. Comes with plastic stock front fenders and push buttons on outside door handles. The Distance from the front door hinge to the rear of vehicle is 109 inches

Bestop Jeep JK Unlimited

Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door (07-current)

The Jeep JK is a two door version of the unlimited and has a windshield width of 56 inches. Like the unlimited it has plastic stock front fenders and push buttons on the outside door handles. Distance from the front door hinge to rear of the vehicle is 88 inches.

Bestop Jeep JK 2dr

Jeep Wrangler TJ (1997-2006)

The Jeep TJ manufactured between 1997 - 2006 has a windshield width of 55 inches. Distinguishable round headlights and a center mount spare tire carrier with a third brake light.The TJ tailgate opens to the side and measures 81 inches from the front door hinge to rear of Jeep.

Bestop Jeep TJ

Jeep CJ5 (1976-1983)

The Jeep CJ5 manufactured between 1976 - 1983 has a windshield width of 55”, Factory round fenders and a one piece windshield. Jeep CJ5 come with a stock factory roll bar and bottom mounted windshield wipers. The windshield retainer screws on leading to a sloped windshield and inverted “S” shaped doors. The CJ5 measures 71-1/2” from the front door hinge to the rear of Jeep.

Bestop Jeep CJ5

Jeep M38A1(1951-1971) and Jeep CJ5 (1955-1975)
The Jeep M38A1 & early Jeep CJ5 has a windshield width of 59". It has a one piece windshield and has no factory door hinges. The windshield retainer is welded onto the Jeep at a 90º angle to the hood. Comes stock with inverted style factory doors.

Jeep CJ6 (1955-1975)

The same basic Jeep as an early model CJ5 except it comes standard with an extended rear body tub

Bestop Jeep CJ and Jeep M38A1

Jeep CJ3B (1953-1964)

The Jeep CJ3B manufactured between 1953-1964 has a one piece windshield with a height of 22-1/2" Bottom mounted windshield wipers and inverted “S” shaped doors. Comes standard with a side mounted tire carrier.

Bestop Jeep CJ3B


Identifying Jeep Hardware

It is important to identify what type of hardware a customer already has on their Jeep. The type of Bestop Soft Top purchased depends on whether a customer’s hardware is Factory Original or Aftermarket. For older style Jeep® models such as the Jeep CJ-7 and Jeep CJ-5, the original hardware is likely to be damaged or in poor condition. Make sure to carefully check your current hardwares condition for any rust or abnormalities before ordering a Bestop Replace-a-Top.

CJ-5, ('55-'75) and CJ-5, ('76-'83)

Factory Original (OEM)

The bows are silver in color, galvanized aluminium and all of the parts of the bows are separate tubes. The factory standard door handles were a black plastic twist handle and the standard soft doors were one piece, with a window at the top and bottom of the door. Check the stamp in the window for the manufacture’s name. Factory original tops had an AMC logo on the window. Early model CJ-5’s (’55-’75) have a 59” windshield and late model CJ-5’s (’76-’83) have a 55” windshield.

Aftermarket (AM)

Aftermarket bows will normally be black powder-coated, there is a left and a right side, and the bows are usually riveted together. There are two Aftermarket tops for these years. The Tigertop™ has a one-piece door. It is a snap installation top, and does not have removable side and rear windows. The Supertop® has two-piece soft doors, belt rail installation, and has a removable side and rear window.

Note: Bestop offers a replacement top for CJ-5, ’76-’83 original hardware. If you have a ‘55-‘75 CJ-5, then you will need to purchase a whole new soft top with hardware, such as our Tigertop.

CJ-7, ('76-'86)

Factory Original (OEM)

These are basically the same in appearance as the CJ-5 tops, in which the door configuration will give it away.

Aftermarket (AM)

Also the same as CJ-5.There is a Tigertop™ and a Supertop® available for these years. However, there is a special case with the Supertops for these years. If the customer has two-piece soft doors, you will want to ask whether the doors are connected to one another with TWO PINS or THREE PINS. If the answer is two pins, the customer has an old style Supertop (part#51598*), and Bestop can only provide replacements for side belt rails, corner belt rails and windshield retainers.

Description of a 51598: Two-piece soft doors,with only two pins holding the upper to the lower, and the upper rear corner of the door is SQUARE. The vertical rod (part of the bow, located behind the door opening) is straight, and has a channel,which holds a plastic strip, similar to the belt rails around the body.The rear window has a straight plastic strip sewn across the bottom of the window, and utilizes a belt rail channel that is attached directly to the tailgate.This top is obsolete.There are no replacement parts available.

Jeep YJ (‘87-‘95) Bestop Supertop Hardware

Bestop Jeep YJ Soft Top Hardware

Jeep TJ (‘97-‘06) Supertop® Hardware

Bestop Jeep TJ Soft Top Hardware

Jeep YJ (‘87-‘95) Sunrider®Hardware

Jeep YJ (‘87-‘95) Sunrider Hardware

Jeep JK 2 Door. (‘07-current) Supertop Hardware

Jeep JK 2 Door Supertop Hardware

Jeep JK 4 Door. (‘07-current) Supertop Hardware

Jeep JK 4 Door Supertop Hardware

Jeep YJ (‘87-‘95) Factory Hardware

Bestop Jeep YJ 1987-1995 Soft Top Factory Hardware

Jeep TJ (‘97-‘06) Factory Hardware

Jeep TJ 1997-2006 Bestop Factory Hardware

Jeep TJ (‘97-‘06) Sunrider® Hardware

Jeep TJ Bestop Sunrider Hardware

Jeep JK 2 Door. (‘07-current) Factory Hardware

Jeep JK Factory Hardware

Jeep JK Unlimited 4 Door. (‘07-current) Factory Hardware

Jeep JK Unlimited Factory Soft Top Hardware

Bestop Soft Top Fabrics and Color Options

Soft Top Fabric

Bestop uses only the highest quality engineered fabrics for our tops. Our fabrics start with OEM fabric specifications and maintain their shape in any temperature, are mildew-resistant, and contain UV inhibitors. Exterior colors provide a perfect color match to factory original colors.

Sailcloth Fabric

Tough, multi-ply, premium-grade 30 oz. fabric. Sailcloth fabric has all of the features of Bestop’s regular fabric, and also dramatically reduces outside noise and enhances insulation for a more comfortable ride.


Manufactured from a semi-transparent,water-resistant fabric that allows UV-filtered sunlight in without the burn.


This unique fabric is tear-resistant and allows for open air driving, while still providing some shade coverage.

Bestop Fabric Colors

Bestop offers many Factory Original fabric colors for its products

Bestop Soft Top Color Options

Factory Original Softop Colors

The color swatches below represent the Factory Original fabric colors. Each color swatch is listed with the original vehicle and model years to help you determine your vehicle's original factory exterior color scheme.

Color & Model

Factory Jeep Soft Top Colors