8th Annual Jeep Poker Run

Sorry, We're full for 2017! Registration is closed

Thanks to all who registered! Check your email and Facebook for information as the date nears. See you all on May 20th!

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The Day of the Run

Participants will check in at Clemson 4 Wheel Center on Saturday morning, receive a packet that will include rules, directions and other important information, draw the first card, and depart from there. Departures will begin at 8:30 AM and the last vehicle must be gone by 11:00 AM (times subject to change as route planning progresses). The Poker Run route and schedule will be set up to allow a leisurely drive with no need to hurry. Enjoy the drive, enjoy the scenery, and enjoy the day. Earlier departures will obviously have more time and a more leisurely drive, but even the latest departure time of 11:00 AM will allow time to run the route at a leisurely pace without missing any checkpoints.

pdfClick here to download sample directions sheet in PDF format

The directions sheet will include an opening and closing time for each checkpoint, and the expected driving time from one checkpoint to the next. Use this to determine how much extra time is available to stop for pictures, lunch, gas, etc. Plenty of time will be built into the schedule for these activities. The entire route can be driven straight through in about 3 to 3.5 hours. Even the latest departures, 11:00 AM, have been given 5 hours to complete the run, so take your time and have fun! At the final checkpoint, your last card must be drawn by 4:00 PM and scorecards must be presented by 4:30 PM so we can be ready to start awarding prizes by about 5:00 or so.

BBQ will be served beginning at about 3:00 or so, and go until everyone has been served.



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2017 Prize List

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Where are my Poker Run tickets?

We don't issue tickets for the poker run. We rely on the online registrations, where there is a permanent record that we can check and cross-check. It is a good idea for you to bring your emailed order confirmation to check-in on Saturday morning, but an ID with the same name as the person registered will work just fine in most cases. Of course, we know many of you personally, and if you're unlucky enough to be one of these folks, your smiling mug will do!

If you wish to transfer your registration to someone else, read carefully

If you wish to transfer your poker run registration to someone else, that's your business and we'll try our best to honor your transfer. Here's the problem - at check-in on Saturday morning, we're really, really, busy getting everyone through the line. We'll have a list of registered participants and we'll be checking you off as you come through. If the person trying to check in is not on our list because you've "sold" them your entry, that's a problem, a snag we need to avoid. So, if you need to do it, please email us from your email address used to register, so we know it's authentic, and tell us your order number and the name of the person you're transferring it to, their information including year/make/model of vehicle and complete address/phone/email information, then call us to make sure we got it. There is an absolute cutoff time of 4:00 PM on Thursday May 18th for this to happen, so we can update our list. Sorry to be so rigid with this rule, but it really holds folks up on Saturday morning if the person at the table is not on the list. Thanks for your cooperation!

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